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Shady Lane Ranch of Wisconsin


Pygmy Goats are genetically small and compact.
They come in a variety of colors and coat lengths.
They are hardy, good natured, curious, fun and playful.
They make great pets, and weed eaters.

New baby pigmy goats!
Females $150.00 each
Males $100.00 each
Male can be neutered on request, all will be wormed before they go.

Little Girl and her mama

Twin Baby Girls!

This is a goat in training for pulling a cart

This is our two year old Granddaughter Desiree' and her new best friend that she named Princess.
The little pigmy goat is only three days old in these pictures and loves to run and play with Desiree', they are so cute to watch, I just wanted to share these.



Ebony took Grand Champion at the Washburn County Fair!




Twin baby pigmy goats



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