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Now this is love!

Jacob sheep are an ancient rare breed that trace their origins back over 3000 years.  This unique breed originated in what is now Syria, and is one of the oldest unchanged breed of sheep still in existence.

  The Jacob sheep is named for the biblical father of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jacob, son of Isaac,
was the first person in recorded history to practice selective breeding of livestock.
  Jacob had made a deal with his father in law that for tending his flocks for an additional number of years he would retain ownership of all the spotted lambs, and by only using spotted rams, his herd grew faster
than his father in laws. And thus the beginnings of the Jacob sheep.
  Jacobs are black and white or brown and white, with multiple horns, some sporting as many as six.  They have not been bred to change or improve their body style or wool, so they have changed very little in 3000 years.  They are  smaller than most other breeds of sheep and are very hearty. They very rarely need assistance in birthing and are easy to keep.  They make excellent pets and are great weed eaters.
They are an excellent way to control weeds in pastures with out chemicals.

Please all Cindy


2009 Spring Lambs For Sale!

Five males, two females...ready to go.   Very healthy and nicely marked.


       Males  $100                      Females $150

Jasper For Sale!
     Yearling three horned Jacob ram...took grand champion at last summers fair...very sweet natured,
loves to be petted, walks on a leash and ties out to eat grass.

Horned Jacob Ewe Lambs
$150 each

Two horned ewe lamb

Two horned ewe lamb and mom

Two Horned Jacob Ram

Two Horned Jacob Ram

Three Horned Jacob Ram

Jacob Sheep

The Gang

Our new four horned Jacob ram.
We will soon have beautiful four horned babies!

Sweet's Baby

Nicky and Baby

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